MURAMAR is an environment-friendly company that develops itself in accordance with the ECOTOURISM principles.

The consequences of destroying the environment are visible already today and that is why we are concerned about the future. Our wish is to enable the next generations to be able to enjoy in the nature in the same way we can.

We point out and promote the importance of an active lifestyle, preservation of environment and a man’s connection with the nature, and at the same time stimulate the welfare of the local population.

Ecotourism promotes quality over quantity of tourists.

Besides raising awareness on environmental problems among travellers, ecotourism also strengthens the economic development of local communities. It nourishes respect towards different cultures and human rights. A vital part of ecotourism is the preservation of biological and cultural diversity by protecting the ecosystem and the promotion of permanent biodiversity by providing jobs. Ecotourism is an experience that enriches the traveller with a new knowledge about the different lifestyles on the planet.

A tourist offer that describes itself as ecotourism must comply with a few basic ecotourism principles.

It must not interfere with nature and culture, it must guarantee positive relations between visitors and hosts, it must provide financial benefits for the local population and raise the visitor’s awareness of the political, environmental and social situation of the country he or she is visiting.

Ecotourism focuses on individual’s voluntarism, personal growth and environmental responsibility.

Responsible ecotourism is based on programmes that reduce the negative effects of tourism on the environment as much as possible. True ecotourism follows the principles of recycling, as well as energy and water savings.

To name just a few of our constant partners: Pomurje Tourist Association, Slovenian Tourist Board (STO), Sava Hotels & Resorts, Bioterme, Terme Vivat, Hotel Radin, Office for Tourism and Culture Beltinci (ZTK Beltinci), LTO Prlekija Ljutomer, ZKTŠ Murska Sobota, KultProTur Gornja Radgona, Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, WWF, Balkan River Defence, National Geographic Adventures and others.

Simona & Denis CIZAR